From poetry to short stories

  • A box too small
    I have been in this box for too longI’m told to keep dreamingThat dreams becomes realityWith dreams I can get out of the box.I’ve been dreaming, I’m still dreamingBut […]
  • Short story: Her lips
    He stared at her lips like he wanted to do more than look, he did want to do more he’s thought about it everytime she walked past him.  It […]
  • Monologue: Not Enough Trauma
    “People are hurting over worse? waking up to loud continuous bangs in my head isn’t bad enough?. Losing papers isn’t hard enough?, Going to work for an abusive boss […]

Posting a write up every week

About Me

Hi, I’m Kandiee.

I am a Nigerian creative writer. I specialize in short stories and poems. Stories that make you feel. I write romantic monologues for plays. I am also a medical student who loves to write things in her head and also share when possible. I love feedback about my works so please feel free to leave a comment.

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